Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Tommy WilliamsTommy Williams
Driving Lessons
I feel confident and am able to operate a car effectively after having just 4-5 lessons with Jane. Jane shows great detail and explains new operations in depth to ensure I feel comfortable doing so. Jane takes good observations of the road at all times which helps me feel safe when driving in busier areas. I've covered all the basics from the first few lessons and feel I'm progressing each lesson. Every new skill I learn, Jane ensures I have mastered it before learning something new which helps me to take it all in as there's so much to learn. Jane has recommended me videos to watch online in advance to my lesson to help me prepare myself which makes me feel comfortable as I know what to expect. Jane asks me to pull over to the side of the road if there's ever a query I have or to speak to me to tell me what I could have done better in a specific situation. This prevents me from picking up any bad habits which improves my driving for the next time I repeat the same situation. Also, at the end of every lesson, Jane talks about what we've covered which gives me the opportunity to ask about any concern I have. Repeating what we've covered helps me to remember essential key points about driving on the roads.